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Levels Gymnastics Program for Girls

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The Girls’ Levels Gymnastics Program is a skill-based program open to all school-aged girls, regardless of age, ability or physique. Maroochy Beach Gymnastics’ Girls’ Levels Gymnastics Program exists to build strength, skill and character through gymnastics and to promote healthy, active, happy children!

Women’s Gymnastics Australian Levels Program

Girls are educated under the Women’s Gymnastics Australian Levels Program and participate in 4 apparatus being vault, uneven bar, balance beam and floor. Gymnasts participating in the Girls’ Levels Program have the option of competing at in-house & local events.

Gymnastics Development for Girls

Gymnasts progress at an individual pace as they master required skills safely and with correct technique. Fundamental shapes, movement and techniques serve as the foundation for higher level skills. Skills become more challenging as the child commences as a Beginner and progresses through Levels 1-4. The Girls’ Levels Program teaches important life skills such as discipline, self-reliance, confidence, self-worth and team camaraderie, in addition to confident physical movement, spatial awareness, focus, agility and time-management.

The Girls’ Levels Program challenges girls to establish individual goals, provide an opportunity to attain their full potential, enjoy rewarding experiences, develop a positive attitude to physical activity and sets the foundation for any sport or life itself.