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2018 WAG Sunshine Coast Junior Regionals

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Maroochy Beach WAG Level 3 - 6 contested athletes from a total of eight Sunshine Coast Clubs at the 2018 WAG Sunshine Coast Junior Regionals, hosted by Maroochy Beach Gymnastics on the weekend of 25th - 26th August.

Sunshine Coast Junior Regionals was the qualifying event for Junior State Championships for our Level 4 - 6 athletes. Maroochy Beach Gymnastics enjoyed resounding success bringing home 14 gold, 14 silver and 15 bronze individual apparatus medals in addition to 28 ribbons for 4th - 6th apparatus placings.

Girls achieving podium success for individual All Around were:

Level 3 Under: Brooke Ward-Smith – 2nd; Ruby Anderson – 4th

Level 4 Under: Indianna Winter - 1st; Eva Lichy - 3rd; Sailor Bowker and Laila Nield - Tied for 5th   

Level 4 Open: Taylia Alford -5th; Ruby Dowling - 6th 

Level 5 Under: Alyssa Sarkissian – 1st; Holly Thurgood – 2nd; Tahlia Shields – 3rd; Ahlia Williamson - 4th; Grace Austin-Gardner - 5th and Ella Barrie – 6th

Level 5 Open: Paradise Browne – 2nd; Isla Waddy - 3rd

Level 6 Under: Charlee Mills – 1st; Anna Collins – 3rd

Level 6 Open: Sam Phillips – 3rd; Bridget Harvey - 4th

Congratulations to gymnasts selected to Sunshine Coast teams to compete at Regional Challenge:

Indianna Winter and Eva Lichy (Level 4); Alyssa Sarkissian; Holly Thurgood; Paradise Browne; Isla Waddy and Tahlia Shields (Level 5); and Charlee Mills; Sam Phillips and Anna Collins (Level 6)

Maroochy Beach was also awarded 1st placing in the Overall Sunshine Coast Regional Club Championship.  

Congratulations to all girls on your outstanding results at the 2018 WAG Sunshine Coast Junior Regional Championships

CLICK HERE for RESULTS of 2018 WAG Sunshine Coast Junior Regionals 



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