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2018 MAG Sunshine Coast Junior Regionals

Monday, September 03, 2018

Maroochy Beach MAG Level 3 - 6 contested athletes from a total of six Sunshine Coast Clubs at the 2018 MAG Sunshine Coast Junior Regionals, hosted by Maroochy Beach Gymnastics on Sunday 2nd September.

Maroochy Beach MAG achieved excellent individual apparatus results, with a total of 21 gold medal 1st placings; 16 silver medals; 17 bronze medals and 3 ribbons for 4th - 6th placing.

Boys achieving podium success for individual All Around were:

Level 3 Under: Fraser Palmer - 1st; Lewis Dibb – 2nd

Level 3 Open: Rory Thompson - 3rd

Level 4: Joshua-Tracy Killorancole - 1st; Xavier Powell - 2nd

Level 5: Frankie Colley – 1st; Damon Erickson – 3rd 

Level 6: Jacob Straughan – 2nd; Eden Hall - 3rd

Congratulations to gymnasts selected to Sunshine Coast teams to compete at Regional Challenge:

Fraser Palmer; Lewis Dibb and Rory Thompson (Level 3); Joshua-Tracy Killorancole; Xavier Powell and Lawson Buckley (Level 4); and Frankie Colley; Damon Erickson; Liam Goodman; Eden Hall and Jacob Straughan (Level 5/6)

CLICK HERE for RESULTS of 2018 MAG Sunshine Coast Junior Regionals


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